Well things have been a little slow.

The Blunt answer is this: we need sponsors!

Disabled authors are few and far between. I honestly believe that one day we will be acknowledged as the outsanding writers we are.

Write Disability needs someone with deep pockets, a love of the arts and the empathy to progress our cause.
Several thousand people have read my ebooks; they are listed on Apple, Sony, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Diesel & Kobo (Negotions are currently underway with Amazon). Have a look at the links, download a copy and you'll see my cover artwork too. I did it all with Adobe Photoshop CS3 & CoolEdit 3D!

911 was an event burned into the retina of the world's mind's eye. In this well researched novel; truth is mixed with hunches, hunches are mixed with theory lastly cloak and dagger is mixed with smoke and mirrors so the truth becomes less about what you can see and more about what you cannot see... and why... This novel, 1012, presents truths that hitherto have only been whispered by shadows..
Ancient Future
Based on a true story; the past meets the future. A young Maori boy saves the dignity of his tribe and in the process learns about his place in life. Fooled by the tyranny of history he is confronted with the invaluable mass of the truth. In coming to grips with his past he solidifies his steps into the future...
Paint Or Be Painted
How cool would it be if you got back at those that "did you wrong"? Well, Jim (the main character) sets out to do exactly that, to show that Occam's razor will eventually just slit the throat of those that hide behind it. Using his brains to counter brawn he "paints" his nemeses into a corner of their own making!
Super-Duper Dog Day
Based on a memory from when I was 5 and had just started school. Although a few minor details have been changed: the story follows what I did. I remeber crawling on the grass verges as the concrete footpaths hurt my knees. I even remember chasing a cat at one stage! Not bad for 35 year-old memory!
Now, a piece of gossip only for readers of this blog: I'm working on a new novel that is going to be my best yet!
You sent an email to me recently, I accidentally deleted it, could you re-send it please?
That Interweb thingy...

To change tack a little, I would like to talk about a more technical issue regarding this blog.

I know that there is a very limited readership of this blog. That is why we really enjoy when people take the time to leave comments. Having a disability often limits our social interaction. This is one reason we believe that the Internet is a huge boon to disabled people.

As a wee aside; A lot is often made of the concept of anonymity on the Internet. As someone who is fairly computer literate, I can categorically state that this is a myth. While it is technically possible to obscure your true identity, there are always traces left behind. However, it may take the resources of law enforcement agency, a country's government or a wealthy corporation to access those traces.

But to get back on subject: Having a relatively anonymous outlet to respond to the world is a prize that shouldn't be underestimated.

A lot is made of the 'seedy' side of the Internet and while this cannot be denied, it is an 'easy target' for lazy journalists and sensation seeking commentators. One need only look at newspapers, television or radio to easily see the same 'seedy' behavior there.

I honestly enjoy the opportunity of having this blog 'out there' 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - WORLDWIDE! So that someone looking for something such as Write Disability can find it.

...And it is our goal to make Write Disability even more well known.

I thought it was about time I introduced you to my novel, which has the working title of "10/12". 10/12 is based on the events of September the 11th, 2001 (9/11); where Al Qeada terrorists' flew full passenger airliners into the twin towers of the U.S. World Trade Center; the Pentagon and finally crashed a fourth passenger airliner into Pennsylvania farm land.

At the time of the actual attacks, we had a guest asleep in the spare room and I could not sleep so I hopped on my computer and went into a chatroom. Someone typed that a plane had flown into a building, thinking it was an accident I took no further notice. A while later another person said that a second plane had also been flown into another building, with another 27 planes thought to be hijacked too; America was under attack! In fact, some people went one step further and were saying that World War 3 had begun.

It took another three hours of searching for media outlets outside the U.S. to verify the attacks and while there were only four plane involved the destruction was mind numbing. The footage of the World Trade Centers' collapsing are a sight I will never forget. It is an iconoclastic image, like U.S. President John F. Kennedy being so publically assassinated.

The basis for the novel takes a simple premise: What if?

The novel itself entailed a massive amount of research. Out of respect for the over 3000 men and women that died because of the attacks, I fealt it was extremely important to get the indisputable facts as accurate as possible.

The novel weaves many sub-plots into the main plot. For example, the main character, Ben Asher, was a secret service agent, one sub-plot describes how he left 'the service' and how it shaped the personality he has. Another sub-plot describes how Ben and his sister Diane are reunited after years of estrangement.

I don't want to give away the entire plot of 10/12 but the novel throws in several twists that will leave you guessing until the very end... Maybe even beyond...