What is the purpose of write disability?

Well, you know who we are, I have told you already, but I guess I should tell you the goals of Write Disability.

Our goal is to establish a Charitable Trust, the goal of which is to support disabled writers in their writing endeavours. There will be three main phases to implementing Write Disability: Anyone, of any age is eligible for the Write Disability prize, however, writers younger than twenty-one years of age will be ineligible for the phase three prize but will remain eligible for phases one and two prizes.

Phase One: This is the phase we are currently achieving; in this phase we hope to develop a web presence and inform people as to the aims/goals of Write Disability and to develop a “following”.

Phase Two: This stage is contingent to funding. Until now we have established Write Disability without external funding, to realise this phase we would need funding. Firstly we would become a registered Charitable Trust then we would like to design and print our own brochures about Write Disability and advertise it widely.We would continue to award a prize to those that have entered our writing competition, however we would print a certificate and also offer a small cash honorarium along with it.

Phase Three: This is the most cash intensive phase for Write Disability. This phase would see the Charitable Trust purchase a property and building an accessible house.The award would then be significantly upgraded. Along with the phase Two prize, the successful writer would win a stay as the “Write Disability Charitable Trust Writer-in-residence”.

We would dearly love to see all three phases to fruition and will be working “behind the scenes” to make this happen. What we NEED is for you to become involved, send us your writing, let’s do this thing!